Shin Splints.

Shin Splints is a painful condition that affects front and side leg muscles. The main source of the Shin Splints is the inflammation and irritation of the muscle and the fascia of the shin or leg bone. The main cause of the Shin Splints is the imbalance foot alignment and improper arch length and height. This condition response very well to a proper custom foot orthotics.

If the arch of the foot is too low, flat, or too high, this can cause dysfunction, imbalance and instability of the foot, ankle, knees and the soft tissues, muscle, tendons and ligaments, in between.

Due to this dysfunction, some muscles overwork and some do not function as they should.

We find this condition more amongst runners, tennis players, badminton and basketball players, also individuals who hike a lot. The symptoms can range from  mild soreness, pain, achy feeling and tightness along the front and outside of the legs to severe ankle or sharp muscle pain. However, one side can be more symptomatic than the other.

Shin Splints can be treated in a few ways. However, before treatment, we must find the cause and source of the condition. The diagnosis is the most important part of any treatment.

The most effective treatment is correcting the foot arch imbalance using custom foot insoles. By correcting the arch height, we are able to remove tremendous stress, pressure, and instability from the feet, ankle, and knees. This will help in recovery and/or prevention of this condition. This is done by custom foot orthotics.

After being fitted with foot orthotics, we need to address the soft tissues. This can be done by myo-fascia therapy, rolling, and stretching. The procedure is painful but highly worth it!

The best method of making the custom foot orthotics is 3D laser imaging scan or plaster molding . The chiropractor will do the necessary consultation, examination, gait scan analysis of the feet and a 3D laser imaging scan of the feet to be sent to the laboratory to be processed and the custom foot orthotics will be manufactured by our lab.

The other supplementary activities the one can do for ease the plantar fasciitis pain and soreness is shin splints stretches and rolling the arch of the foot. Your chiropractor at Burrard Custom Foot Orthotics will show the proper exercise and stretches. To receive more information on how to best treat you Shin Splints, contact us at 604-568-6545

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