Plantar fasciitis is caused by flat feet, dropped foot arches, high arches, running long distances, and/or improper footwear. This condition is most painful when the person is standing, walking, or running; especially the first few steps in the morning can be very uncomfortable and painful.

The main reason for the pain is the inflammation of the plantar muscle which runs along the arch of the foot from the heel. This inflammation and pain is caused by over stretching of the plantar muscle and puling of the tendon of the muscle from the origin of the muscle which is the heel bone.

The location of the pain is usually around the inner heel and along the arch of the foot. This condition mostly happens to the foot which has a flatter or higher arch than normal and/or the dominant foot which bears the most weight and pressure.

There are a number of treatments for plantar fasciitis. This condition can be reversible if it’s treated early enough.

The best and most effective treatment method is to correct the cause of the condition and that is custom foot orthotics. Orthotics corrects the faulty biomechanics of the foot and normalizes the arch of the foot. Foot orthotics has to be custom made in order to provide the best support, alignment and correction. By correcting the foot biomechanics, alignment and arch height the pressure from the plantar muscle will reduced tremendously, this will start the recovery action the foot requires and the mending and healing the injured muscle including the heel area where the tendon is under stress will take place. 

The best method of making the custom foot orthotics is 3D laser imaging scan, plaster molding and foam boxes. The chiropractor will do the necessary consultation, examination, gait scan analysis of the feet and a 3D laser imaging scan of the feet to be sent to the laboratory to be processed and the custom foot orthotics will be manufactured. 

The other supplementary activities that one can do to ease the plantar fasciitis pain and soreness is stretching and rolling the arch of the foot. Your chiropractor will show the proper exercise and stretches.

Icing of the heel area is the best way to reduce the inflammation and the pain after a long day of standing, walking, exercising or running. This can be done at the end of the day, after activities, or when plantar fasciitis is acting up. You would need an ice pack for this one. You place the ice pack on the floor and place your painful heel on it for about 5-7 minutes, remove the ice for 10 minutes then repeat the cycle a few times.

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