About Your Feet.

Burrard Custom Foot Orthotics was established in November of 2001 in Downtown Vancouver to provide the best and highest quality custom made foot orthotics to athletes and non-athletes. The goal of Burrard Chiropractic and Foot Orthotics office is to provide everyone, with an excellent custom orthotics option to keep them healthy, active and pain-free.

Our office is one of the respected custom foot orthotics offices in Vancouver. We are located in the heart of beautiful Downtown Vancouver and our office has been professionally designed to create an environment to make the patients feel welcomed and comfortable. Paragon Orthotic Lab is our laboratory located in Victoria, BC. and it is one of the best orthotic labs in Canada which provides high quality foot orthotics to United Kingdom and United States as well. The lab is supervised by a podiatrist and orthotists who meticulously pay attention to fine details and craftsmanship.

At Burrard Chiropractic and Foot Orthotics details are important to us and no detail is small enough to be ignored. We stand behind our products, because we manufactures some of the best custom foot orthotics products in Vancouver, BC and Canada. We care about our patients’ well being and their satisfaction with our custom foot orthotics and quality.

Who Can Benefit?
Patients who can benefit from custom made foot orthotics do not always complain of foot pain, because symptoms are often referred to structures away from the feet, ie. knees, and or lower back. We have had many patients at our Burrard Orthotics Vancouver office suffering from chronic lower back or knee pain, and after thorough examination we have found the source of their chronic pain to be their feet! The arches were flat or too high. After fitting them with proper custom foot orthotics and a few chiropractic treatment to correct and restore the function of their lower back joints and spine, their symptoms disappear.

When Problems Begin!
Your arches are under enormous stress and strain. If for any reason your orthopedic shoes’ arches lose their ability to flex and return to their normal shape, your feet will no longer be able to effectively absorb the shock of walking. If you were to drive a car which was out of alignment, or drive over a dirt road without a shock absorber, the stress and strain over time would damage other parts of the car. In the same way, your body will suffer from problems starting from your feet. Foot orthotics do help to reduce stress and strain which are the causes of common foot and knee pain.

Problems Multiply!
The foot problems that people feel are usually experiencing is localized foot pain, arch pain, calluses, corns, bunions, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, muscle fatigue or spasms, or leg or knee soreness. These symptoms often signify that joints are being thrown out of alignment. Usually related muscles and tendons are being over-stressed in struggling against the excessive forces caused by the imbalance. Finally the “wear and tear” of stress on the joints will often result in degenerative  arthritis, back pain, collapsed arches, and other painful or disabling symptoms. Custom Foot orthotics resolve many of these conditions before they cause serious and permanent injuries.

What Is Pronation?
Inward ankle and foot roll or tilt are known as Pronation. It can cause the foot bones beneath the ankle to shift out of place and thus, lead to a considerable alteration to the way the joint operates. Outward ankle tilt, though less common still occurs in some individuals in the reverse of the above. This is called Supination. This abnormal joint movement in the feet and ankle in turn affect the hip joint and the curvature of the spine. This generally leads to back pain and increased pressure on the hips and pelvis. Custom foot orthotics correct pronation and supination, by creating custom foot orthotics that can eliminate pronation and supination.

What Do Custom Foot Orthotics Really Do?
Custom Foot Orthotics are known to solve a number of bio-mechanical related problems, not only for obvious foot problems but also for ankle and knee pain, pelvis pain, hip pain, spinal pain and even headaches. This is achieved by preventing misalignment of the foot which can significantly alter the way in which the bones move within their joints. The core issue of many conditions and symptoms is loss of joint mobility, increase of plantar pressure due to inability to transfer weight from ball of foot to toes, and poor biomechanics. The foot orthoses are a necessity for correcting the faulty structures and biomechanics of foot, spine, and skeletal structure. These custom foot orthotics provide bio-mechanical assistance to prevent callus formation, reduce pathological plantar pressure by actively assisting the foot to normal heel-toe gait, and restoring the proper function to the affected joints and soft tissues.

The Procedure For Manufacturing Custom Made Foot Orthotics
The Paragon Orthotic Laboratory manufactures our prescription/custom made foot orthotic devices. The procedure for obtaining positive plaster casts is from a non-weight bearing neutral subtalar joint position plaster casting. The orthotics are custom made from polypropylene material with forefoot intrinsic and rear foot extrinsic postings heated and vacuum pressed to the positive plaster casts.

On your first visit to Burrard Custom Foot Orthotics office, you will go through a few steps and procedures, in order for us to manufacture the best custom foot orthotics in Vancouver.

On your first visit: We start by taking a complete history of the condition which is troubling your feet, knees and or lower back. Then we will take a computerized scan of your feet called Gait Analytic Scan, which then it will be transmitted to our laboratory in Victoria, BC. The scan will be done while you are standing and walking to get accurate readings of your feet biomechanics. Thereafter, your feet will be visually inspected and examined.
Based on the collect data and the examination, we will consult you and talk about your options on the type of orthotics.
Then we will use plaster of Paris or STS slipper casting socks to mold your feet while they are in a non-weight bearing position. The 1st visit and this process will take about 45 minutes.

The finished molds will be sent to our lab, Paragon Orthotic laboratory in Victoria, BC. They will be worked on for about 2 to 3 weeks.

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