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What To Expect From Your First Visit.

At Burrard Chiropractic & Foot Orthotics, we strive everyday to provide you and your family members with the best care possible in chiropractic care and/or custom foot orthotics.

We commit to have every patient who comes into our Vancouver Chiropractic and Orthotics office leaving better, happier, and more satisfied with the care and attention we give to every patient. We treat and respect every patient the way we want to be treated and respected ourselves. To find out more about us and how we can help you better please contact us.

Our Values.

We take our time to listen to each patient’s concern, as we do a thorough examination to diagnose the cause and the root problem, then we use the best and effective treatment options to correct or alleviate the problem and pain allowing the body to reset. About Us: We do our best, with our patients, to give them the best result from the chiropractic care or the custom orthotics they receive from us.

Patients Come First at Burrard Chiropractic and Orthotics

Patients’ wellness are our top priority


We are committed and determined to help every single patient


Strong ethical principles

Excellence in Care We Provide

We deliver on our promise to our best abilities

Meet The Chiropractor.

Dr Farokh Zavosh

Doctor Of Chiropractic

Dr. Farokh Zavosh graduated with honours from one of the top chiropractic colleges in the United States, Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in 2001.

He has been a practicing chiropractor in Downtown Vancouver, BC since 2001. His chiropractic practice focuses on family and general chiropractic care, sports injurers, postural correction, joint mobility and muscular flexibility conditioning, conditions related to foot alignments and custom foot orthotics in Vancouver.

Dr. Zavosh enjoys interacting with patients. He spends the time to listen to patients and hear their concerns and corrects the issue from the root cause in his chiropractic office in Vancouver.

Dr. Zavosh believes in and promotes prevention, healthy lifestyle, moderate exercises, stretching and efficient ways of managing daily stresses.

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Hey Vancouver, B.C.! Contact us and let us help you feel a whole lot better with all your chiropractic and foot orthotics needs. You can Book Your Appointments online or you can find out more about us at the Burrard Chiropractic and Orthotics. Check out our Reviews.

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