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Burrard Chiropractic and Foot Orthotics manufactures a wide range of custom foot orthotics led by Dr. Farokh Zavosh.

Every patient receives personalized service to learn about your condition and requirements so we can give you your own unique set of custom foot orthotics.

Foot Conditions.

Why You May Want To Visit Our Clinic For Foot Orthotics

You know when your body just doesn’t feel right. That may be a good time to come in to visit your local foot orthotics clinic whose main focus is to help your feet feel comfortable and be able to get back on your feet pain free again.

Dr. Farokh Zavosh knows that each patient is unique and has different physical conditions and anatomy. That is why you will be given a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific concerns, pain, and condition.

Does It Really Work

The Effectiveness Of Custom Foot Orthotics Treatments

We have had many patients complaining of chronic lower back or knee pain, and after thorough examination we have found the source of their chronic pain to be their feet! The arches were flat or too high. After fitting them with proper custom foot orthotics and a few chiropractic treatments to correct and restore the function of their lower back joints and spine, their foot symptoms disappeared.

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Foot Exam To Make The Perfect Orthotics.

Latest Technology

We use the latest computerized diagnostic gait scan to examine and analyze the bio-mechanics of your feet.

Gait Scan

By walking on the gait plate, we collect and visualize data on pressure points, pronation, supination, and toe in-out, flattening of foot arches, plantar pressure, during heel strike, foot flat, mid stance and toe off phase.

Foot Casting

After you assessment, examination, and gait analysis, then comes the casting or molding of your feet.

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