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He was extremely knowledgeable about spine alignment

Dr. Zavosh made my first visit to a chiropractor very relaxing. He was extremely knowledgeable about spine alignment, tension in our muscle and provided information that was useful for my own knowledge. I was nervous coming in as I’ve always heard horror stories about chiropractor and the method of it all but after my appt today, that all changed.

Paula Mendoza

Vancouver, British Columbia


He is very knowledgeable and nice

I was told that Dr. Zavosh is really good and and his review were nothing short of spectacular. When I went for my first appointment, I was surprised that everything I read on the reviews and heard about Dr. Zavosh were completely true. He is very knowledgeable and nice, he knew what was wrong with my foot and the consequences it is having on the other parts of my body, that I have not felt yet. I can say that I had a very good experience working with him and I highly recommend him.

Kristoffer Estrada

Vancouver, British Columbia


Dr Zavosh is caring and very knowledgeable

Amazing!!! Dr Zavosh is caring and very knowledgeable. He really listens to what you need and take his time to suggest and explain his treatments. I always feel a lot better after seeing Dr Zavosh. If you are looking for a chiro, I would highly recommend Dr Zavosh. You will be in good hands!

Amy Wu

Vancouver, British Columbia


I have literally never met a medical service provider as wonderful as Dr. Zavosh

I have literally never met a medical service provider as wonderful as Dr. Zavosh. I saw him to get custom orthotics made, as I have an ankle injury and heel pain and my family doctor had recommended the same, and I was just so awed by how great his services were. Not only was he punctual, kind, helpful and understanding, but he was extremely thorough while taking measurements and information relevant to making custom orthotics and had state of the art equipment.

Manya Kapur

Vancouver, British Columbia


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