Foot Exam.

At Burrard Custom Orthotics Vancouver, we use the latest computerized diagnostic gait scan to examine and analyze the biomechanics for each foot exam. After visual examination of your feet, we use the gait scan for a more comprehensive and detailed examination. The software has many features and capabilities which makes manufacturing of your custom foot orthotics extremely accurate. The gait scan analyzes the static (the way you stand) form and the dynamic (the way you walk or run) form of your feet, together this will provide a great understanding of how your feet are performing. This is extremely helpful in finding and correcting the problem areas in your feet and gait, knees and hips. The gait scan is very efficient and critical in making the perfect custom foot orthotics.

Gait Scan:

By walking on the gait plate (dynamic), we collect and visualize data on pressure points, pronation, supination, and toe in-out, flattening of foot arches, plantar pressure, during heel strike, foot flat, mid stance and toe off phase of gait. The impressions are in real time and can be seen in 2D and 3D composite form and image. This information is very useful when it comes to manufacturing perfect Vancouver custom foot insoles.

By standing on the gait plate (static), we collect and visualize data on pressure points, pronation or supination, foot length discrepancies, toe in-out, bunion formation, flat and high arches and more. This information is very useful when it comes to manufacturing the best fitting custom foot orthotics.

Both static and dynamic data can be and will be printed for the patient and transmitted to the custom foot orthotic laboratory. Each report provides crucial information to the practitioner and to the laboratory which are critical and important in making the best fitting custom foot orthotics.

Foot Casting:

After a comprehensive foot exam, assessment, examination and gait analysis comes casting or molding of your feet. This part of the visit to your specialist is very critical to get orthotics right. At this stage you are lying down to have your feet at a non-weight bearing position. Your doctor will place each foot to its neutral and non-weight bearing position to capture the perfect form of each foot and mold each foot using 3D Volumetric Scan, Plaster bandages, or a foam box.
A cast is a positive impression of your foot. It must be made to exacting standards. Pre-made or off-the-shelf orthotics are generally ill fitting and can often cause ineffective treatment and discomfort. By having a 3D volumetric foot cast, you can rest assure that you will have an accurate foot orthotics every time.

To the Lab:

After thorough visual examination and collecting data using the gait scan, a 3D volumetric non-weight bearing impression of patient’s feet will be taken, the positive casts along with the collected data from the gait scan will be sent to the custom foot orthotics laboratory. After 2 weeks of working on the casts by the lab, the custom foot Orthotics Vancouver will be shipped back to us to be forwarded to the patient.

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