Orthotics Fees.

Total Cost for One Pair of Custom Foot Orthotics: $485*  ($125 Examination and consultation fee included)

*The orthotics fee includes: Examination, Consultation, Gait Scan and Analysis, 3D Laser or Plaster Volumetric Foot Casting, the Custom Orthotics, Dispensing and Fitting.

The Second or Third Pair of Custom Foot Orthotics: $395

If ordered within one year from the date of the original foot cast for the first orthotics. The orthotics are from the same original cast.

Examination and Consultation: $125

This fee is only for foot examination, No Orthotics. This fee will be deducted from the total cost of orthotics if you decide to go ahead with foot orthotics.

Recovering or Refurbishing of Old Orthotics: $95-$110

You can bring your orthotics, whether it was from us or from any other lab, and we can re-new the top cover if the orthotics’ shells are still supportive and functional.

Modification or Adjustment Warranty: After receiving your new custom foot orthotics, occasionally some minor adjustment may be needed to ensure your orthotics are fitting correctly. The need for these fine tuning or adjustments are rare and there is no charge to the patent within the first 2 months of using the orthotics. The custom foot orthotics fee portion is non refundable; however, we make sure your foot orthotics are perfect for your needs and for you feet.

Dr. Zavosh will be doing the full procedure of foot examination, consultation, gait scan analysis, and 3D volumetric casting. Our orthotics laboratory, Paragon Orthotics Lab, which is one of the best leading laboratories in Canada, US and UK located in Victoria, BC will do the full manufacturing of your custom foot orthotics by using the latest technology and machinery in the industry.

Your orthotics are made from highest quality raw materials which fit and supports better and they last longer than most other foot orthotics Vancouver. There is life time warranty on the orthotics’ polypropylene or graphite shell. In case there is a breakage or crack in the shell, bring them back.

At Burrard Custom Foot Orthotics we committed to excellence in custom foot orthotics since 2001. Experience craftsmanship and the use of quality materials results in an extensive line of reliable foot orthotics for our patients for correcting flat feet, knee pain, high arch feet, bunions, heel pain, ankle pain and sprain, shin splints, hip pain and lower back pain.

Your custom foot orthotics is covered by most Extended Health Care Benefit Plans. You may contact your extended health care provider for more information on your plan’s coverage and reimbursement amount, as each plan is unique to the individual.

Due to the cost and the procedure of doing the custom foot orthotics, you may need a referral from a medical doctor to be able to get reimburse from your provider for the orthotics cost. Please contact your extended health care provider to find out whether you require a referral medical note to get a or not.

Should you have any questions about foot orthotics, please contact us at our Burrard Custom Foot Orthotics Vancouver office 604-568-6545 or send us an email at or visit our website

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