Burrard Vancouver Orthotics: Flat feet or Pes Planus

Flat feet or Pes Planus, the medical term for flat feet, is the most common cause of complaint from patients who suffer from foot, heel, knee shin and or lower back pain. Most often the diagnosis of flat feet goes unchecked or overlooked.

The exact cause of flat feet is not very clear and sometimes it is unknown. The most common reason for having flat feet or fallen arches could be genetic factors, weak arches and ligament, injuries, arthritis, old age, or excessive weight and/or prolonged standing or poor footwear. Flat feet cause a biomechanical inefficiency in weight distribution and alignment and this can lead to a variety of symptoms including foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain.

Flat feet can be treated successfully by using custom foot orthotic inserts.

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The best and long term solution and treatment for patients with flat feet who suffer from foot and arch pain due to have pes planus or flat feet are custom foot orthotics.

Here in Vancouver orthotics, our foot orthotics are manufactured by one of the most leading Orthotics labs in Canada. Our orthotics are made from high quality material which supports better and last longer than most foot orthotics Vancouver.

At Burrard Vancouver Orthotics we committed to excellence in custom foot orthotics sine 2001.Experience craftsmanship and the use of quality materials results in an extensive line of reliable foot orthotics for our patients with flat feet.

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