Heel Spur is foot condition that is localized to the heel of the foot. The plantar muscle which runs from heel to the toes is originated from heel bone. The tendon of plantar muscle which is embedded in the heel bone may go under a lot of constant pull and tension when the arch of the foot is too flat or too high.

Throughout this constant pressure and pull on the tendon the body is trying to strengthen and protect the tendon from ripping or pulling apart. The mechanics that body uses to protect the tendon is by building scar tissues around the tendon. These scar tissues in time will become harder as they calcify and turn into a bony like structure.

At this time, every time the patient is on his or her feet or walking, they will notice a sharp pain around the heel. This is because the calcified tendon or spur is putting too much pressure on the surrounding soft tissues.

Heel spur is a secondary symptom and condition to a foot biomechanical issue known as pes planus or flat foot. In order to correct the heel spur, we need to correct the flat feet and provide a good support for the arch.   

The best and most effective treatment method is to correct the cause of the condition and that is through custom foot orthotics. Orthotics corrects the faulty biomechanics of the foot and normalizes the arch of the foot. Foot orthotics has to be custom made in order to provide the best support, alignment and correction. By correcting the foot biomechanics, alignment and arch height the pressure from the plantar muscle will reduced tremendously, this will start the recovery action the foot requires and the mending and healing the injured muscle including the heel area where the tendon is under stress will take place. 

The best method of making the custom foot orthotics is 3D laser imaging scan, plaster molding and foam boxes. The chiropractor will do the necessary consultation, examination, gait scan analysis of the feet and a 3D laser imaging scan of the feet to be sent to the laboratory to be processed and the custom foot orthotics will be manufactured. 

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