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What you will expect from your first visit

-Initial Assessment: Your visit to Burrard Chiropractic and Foot Orthotics begins with a comprehensive assessment of your foot health. This may include discussing your medical history, current foot symptoms, and any previous treatments or orthotics you’ve used.

-Foot Examination: A thorough examination of your feet, including their structure, alignment, range of motion, and any areas of pain or discomfort, will be conducted.

-Gait Analysis: You may undergo a gait analysis to evaluate how you walk or run. This involves observing your stride, foot placement, and biomechanics to identify any abnormalities or areas of improvement that can be addressed with orthotics support.

-Foot Measurements: Precise measurements of your feet will be taken to ensure the orthotics are customized accurately to fit your foot shape and size.

-Orthotics Design: Based on the assessment findings, we will handcraft and design the best foot orthotics that provide targeted support and alignment. The design may include features such as arch support, heel cushioning, metatarsal pads, or corrective elements, tailored to your specific needs.

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These common foot conditions would require custom foot orthotics to help reducing pain, expediting recovery and facilitate correction.


Why You May Want To Visit Our Office For Custom Foot Orthotics

-Customized Support: ensures that the orthotics are tailored precisely to your needs, offering maximum comfort and effectiveness.
-Expert Assessment: Our office can conduct a thorough assessment of your foot structure, gait, and any existing foot issues.
-Professional Guidance: Dr. Zavosh and our Lab team can provide professional guidance on wearing and adjusting orthotics for optimal results.
-Quality Materials: Visiting our office ensures access to high-quality materials for orthotic construction.
-Follow-up Care: Ou office can provide follow-up appointments to assess the effectiveness of the custom foot orthotics.
-Comprehensive Approach: Our office may offer a comprehensive approach to foot health, combining orthotics with other treatments.

Do Foot Orthotics Really Work?

The Effectiveness Of Custom Foot Orthotics Treatments

We have had many patients coming to us for chronic low back pain or knee pain, and after a thorough examination, we have found the source of their chronic pain to be their feet. The pain in low back and knee pain was originating from their feet. Their feet were too flat and for some, their feet had too high of an arch. After fitting them with proper custom foot orthotics and a few chiropractic treatments to correct and restore the function of their lower back joints and spine, their foot symptoms disappeared with custom made foot orthotics.

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Foot Exam And Assessment To Make The Perfect Orthotics.

We Use The Latest And Updated Technology

We use the latest computerized diagnostic gait scan to examine and analyze the bio-mechanics of your feet at Burrard Custom Orthotics Vancouver.

Gait Scan

At Burrard Orthotics Vancouver, we use the latest technology and casting methods to capture the best and most accurate form of your feet. By standing and walking on the gait scan plate, we collect and visualize data on pressure points, pronation, supination, and toe in-out. Also we can record flattening of foot arches, plantar pressure, during heel strike, foot flat, mid stance and toe off phase.

Foot Casting

Foot orthotics casting: also known as orthotic prescription or orthotic molding, is a process where a healthcare professional, often a podiatrist or orthotist, creates custom-made orthotic devices to address specific foot or gait abnormalities.

Casting Process: The casting process involves taking an impression or mold of the patient’s foot. There are several methods for casting foot orthotics:

-Plaster Casting: Traditional method where the foot is submerged in plaster to create a mold.
-Foam Impression: Foam is used to create a mold by having the patient step into a foam box or tray.
-Digital Scanning: Advanced technology that uses 3D scanning to create a digital model of the foot, which is then used to manufacture the orthotics.


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