Burrard Chiropractic and Orthotics Vancouver Fee Schedule

Initial Chiropractic Visit: $110

This visit is only for New Patients or Returning Patients who have not been treated for the past 2 years or longer. The initial chiropractic Vancouver visit includes: Consultation, Examination, Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment, Home Exercises, and Stretches.  At Burrard Chiropractic and Orthotics we can bill directly to all, if not, most extended healthcare benefits.

Follow-up Chiropractic Visit: $65

This visit is a follow-up after the initial chiropractic visit has been completed. It is for patients whom have been through the initial visit and treatment. At the follow-up visit, we continue with the chiropractic treatment plan which we have found to be the best suited treatment plan for the patient and his or her condition or injury. The follow-up visit includes: Assessment, Soft Tissue Therapy, Spinal Manipulative Therapy or Adjustment, and Stretches.

Extended Health Care Plans:

Most extended health care plans cover chiropractic care. Here at Burrard Chiropractic and Orthotics Vancouver office, we can Direct Bill to most extended health care providers for your chiropractic visits such as Pacific Blue Cross, Great West Life, Manual Life, Sun Life, and many more.

  • You do not require a referral to see a chiropractor or to receive chiropractic care in Vancouver.
  • Both the initial and the follow up chiropractic visits will be conducted by the chiropractor, Dr. Zavosh.

For more information or questions, please call us at Burrard Chiropractic and Orthotics Vancouver office: 604-568-6545 or send us an email to: contact@drzavosh.com or by visiting our website www.drzavosh.com

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