Activator Method And Chiropractic

Activator Method Therapy is one of the most effective chiropractic treatment techniques. Activator treatment has been around for many years and it has been preferred by many patients as an alternative to more conventional chiropractic treatment. Its effectiveness and its physiological impacts are being researched continually till this day. Currently, many chiropractors are using the Activator Method in their practice across the globe in one form or another. It is worth adding that a chiropractor must be certified in this technique in order to utilize it to its full potential. When the Activator instrument is being used properly by a certified chiropractor, the Method is very effective and it can resolve many joint and spinal problems rather efficiently.

The Activator device is a hand-held mechanical instrument usually made of a stainless steel and it is spring loaded. Arlan Fuhr is the inventor and creator of this superb instrument and technique protocol. Activator is an alternative treatment method to regular manual chiropractic therapy. It works by applying the right amount of pressure on the specific part of the spinal joint, or other joints in the body, to restore its full physiological motion and muscle balance.

Dr. Zavosh is a certified Activator Method chiropractor in Downtown Vancouver since 2001. He has been using this particular technique in his practice for many years as he has found patients greatly prefer this treatment method. Sometimes the condition which patient comes in with requires Dr. Zavosh to proceed with this technique and is administered accordingly. Burrard Chiropractic Vancouver excellence in Activator Method since 2001.