Burrard Foot Orthotics – Fees

At the Burrard Foot Orthotics Vancouver office, Dr. Zavosh will be doing the full procedure of examination, consultation, gait scan, analysis, and 3D volumetric casting. Our orthotics laboratory, Paragon Orthotics Lab, one of the best labs in Canada and UK which is located in Victoria, BC will do the full manufacturing of your custom foot orthotics by using the latest technology and machinery in the industry.

  • The fee for a pair of custom foot orthotics is $475.

(This fee includes the examination, consultation, gait scan and analysis, 3D volumetric casting, foot orthotics and fitting and a follow up visit.)

  • The fee for examination and consultation is $75.

Your custom foot orthotics is covered by most extended health care plans. You may contact your health care benefit provider for more information on your plan’s coverage and reimbursement as each plan is unique to the individual.

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