What is a Callus and why do you get it?

A callus is defined as a protective thickening of the skin, which develops because of recurrent pressure and friction. Calluses are usually found on the soles of the foot or on the heel, but they can be formed elsewhere on the foot as well. Calluses are formed to protect and insulate the balls of the feet against any abnormal pressure from the bones.

Most people believe, albeit mistakenly, that the wrong choice of footwear causes the formation of calluses. In fact, calluses are formed due to a pronounced pronation of the foot, when walking or running. This happens because of misalignment of the feet and poor balance.

What happens when you get Calluses on the feet?

When you get calluses on the foot, you will experience a strong, burning pain on the balls of the foot, which can last for anything from a few weeks to a couple of years. When you walk, you will feel as though there is a pebble in the shoe, which makes you uncomfortable.

How are Calluses Treated?

Calluses are caused because of the misalignment of the second and fifth metatarsal bones. They are sometimes visible without any obvious signs of the callus tissue. When calluses are very obvious, they are treated using a treatment that involves trimming or sanding the callus.

While this does get rid of the callus, it does not address the real cause of the problem, which is the misalignment of the foot. So this treatment is only temporary, as the calluses are formed yet again soon enough. In fact, when the calluses return, they are even more painful and the condition is much more severe.

That’s why you need Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics addresses the underlying cause of the problem, which is the misalignment of the feet. It involves the use of prescription shoe inserts called orthotics that redistributes the pressure when you stand or walk. Eventually, the use of foot orthotics is known to reduce or even get rid of the callus formation permanently.

Foot orthotics are simple orthopedic devices that are used to treat a number of biomechanical foot disorders. When your foot is misaligned, the weight of the body is not distributed as it should, which leads to pain and tenderness developing in the foot and the ankle.

Foot orthotics help to relieve some of the pain by realigning the foot in the right manner and by supporting the ligaments and bones of the foot. This is done by using simple and inexpensive devices such as shoe insoles or heel cups. Foot orthotics can help to prevent a number of foot disorders that cause discomfort, pain or tiredness in an individual.

Foot orthotics can also be customized to suit a particular person. A doctor’s prescription is required before a customized foot orthotics can be designed. For this, an impression of the foot or a cast is made, and the foot is studied closely to identify areas that are misaligned.

Usually, the use of foot orthotics should solve disorders such as corns and calluses. If this is found to be inadequate and the problem persists, then as a last resort, surgery is done to alleviate the condition.