Does your neck hurt? Are you looking for a solution to your neck pain? Does your neck hurt so bad that it makes your head spin and makes you completely incapable of carrying on with your everyday routine?

Okay, you have come to the right place; as experienced chiropractors, we will help you find a solution to your neck pain. But before you consider chiropractic treatment, let’s quickly understand what causes the neck pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Pinched Nerve – The one or more vertebrae of the neck are misaligned, this could lead to the crowding of or pinching of the nerves that run through them. This causes neck pain.

Whiplash – Whiplash is the most common of all neck injuries. It happens when you experience a sudden movement in the neck, either backward or forward. Such a movement overstretches the tendons and ligaments in the neck and tears them.

What are the common treatments for neck pain?

Application of Ice – Applying a cold pack to the area where the pain is at its highest could reduce some of the inflammation and swelling. Apply for 20 minutes at a time.

Correct your Pillow – Always use a pillow that is firm and always sleep on your back or on the side. Never use pillows that are too soft or flat as that would make your neck bend at an abnormal angle.

Do some Neck Exercises – There are many light neck exercises you can try to loosen the stiff neck muscles. Your chiropractor will suggest the best exercises for neck pain to you, which relax your tense neck muscles and offer instant relief.

Avoid Driving When You Have Neck Pain –When you drive, you will have to look over your shoulder when backing up, or look here and there while navigating the traffic. That’s why it would be a big mistake to drive when your neck is hurting.

How to Prevent Neck Pain?

  • Make sure that you are at eye level with your computer screen.
  • Maintain proper posture, don’t slouch.
  • Take a 5-minute break every hour at work. Take a walk around the office or outside during the break.
  • Use a firm pillow.
  • Exercise regularly.

What you should do when you have neck pain?

Visit a chiropractor.

You should certainly visit a chiropractor when you have neck pain. Chiropractic treatment involves adjustments to the spine, neck exercises and physiotherapy. This is a holistic treatment, which treats the root cause of the neck pain, rather than just treating the symptoms.

The chiropractor begins with a thorough examination during which they will ask you about the symptoms, your medical history, whether you have a history of back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

They ask you about the specific movements you make that increase the intensity of the neck pain. They check for any tenderness or numbness, and if there is a tingling sensation in your arms because of the pain, and find out how easily you can move your neck.

The chiropractor realigns the vertebra and restores normal motion in the neck. You should certainly visit a chiropractic clinic if your neck pain is because of an injury sustained from a fall, lifting, or whiplash injury.