Getting the right mattress for your bed is so important as a third of our time is spent sleeping. Not sleeping on the right mattress can really cause a lot of pain in the back. Especially for those suffering from chronic back pain, sleeping on the right mattress that gives the spine excellent support is crucial.

How Sleeping On Poorly Made Mattresses Cause Back Pain

The spine supports the head, allows you to stand straight, unlike other two-legged animals, makes your body flexible and makes your movements easy and smooth. The spine has three sections and three curves. The cervical spine supports your head and has a C-shaped curve; the thoracic spine supports the upper body and has a C-shaped curve; the lumbar spine, which supports the lower back, supports a C-shaped curve as well. These curves need to be supported by the spine, whether you’re asleep or awake. Not supporting these curves adequately when you’re asleep causes great strain, stress and tension on your neck and back muscles and bones, which is the main cause of chronic back pain. Sleeping on a substandard mattress is likely to leave the curves in the spine lacking in the right support, and that is why it is so important to get the right mattress for your sleep.

Do You Need A New Mattress

If your old mattress has worn out or you have been suffering from back pain lately, then perhaps you do need to look for a new mattress. When do you know that you need a new mattress? If you find your spine sinking into the mattress as you sleep, perhaps it has really worn out and you need to buy a new one. Usually, you should always look for a new mattress after seven years of using the old one, or sooner if your current mattress shows serious signs of wear and tear. And if you find yourself waking up with back pain or neck pain, you do need a new mattress. Get one soon, before the pain gets worse.

How To Select The Right Mattress For Your Back Pain

Again, since you spend at least seven hours of your time in a 24-hour period lying on a bed, it is so important to make sure that you buy one that is just perfect and protects you from chronic back pain. Here are some of the factors that you shall need to keep in mind while selecting the right mattress for your back pain.

Does The Mattress Offer Proper Support

The best mattresses for back pain provide complete support to the body, offering perfect protection to the C-shaped curves in the spine by supporting the heaviest parts of the body such as the hips, shoulders  and the head. So the best mattress has to be quite firm, but not too firm. It is equally important to have a proper pillow as well, depending on your sleeping posture.

Does The Bed Offer Strong Support

Just as important as the mattress is the bed it rests on. There is no point in buying the best mattress in the market if it is to rest on a completely worn-out bed frame. The bed frame has to offer an excellent foundation for the mattress to lie on.

Does The Mattress Offer You Enough Space

Many sleepers require plenty of space as they sleep. Often, if you’re sharing your bed with a partner, you may find that there isn’t enough space for you as the mattress is too small. Perhaps you shall need to buy a really big mattress, a king sized mattress, that  gives you enough space when you sleep.

Is The Mattress Comfortable Enough

The best way to find out which mattress suits your back best is to lie on it for a few minutes at the store while shopping for a mattress. Don’t be embarrassed about it, take your time. Find out which mattress works best for your back – a spring mattress or a foam mattress.


If you find yourself suffering from serious back pain on waking up, perhaps you need more than just a great mattress. You need to consult a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is one of the safest and most natural treatments for chronic back pain.