Do you feel under pressure all the time at work? No doubt it can be hard, having to deal with demanding managers, combative coworkers and hard-to-please clients. Work can be quite stressful – and you have no choice but to deal with it day after day, without a break. So, how do you destress after you’ve had a particularly long day at work? Here are some great ways to destress after a long day at work.

Learn To Say No

Be prepared to say “No” when you don’t feel like doing something. This is one of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn. We are all conditioned to be “perfect” employees, who do what they are told to, behave as they are expected to. This only builds up a lot of stress within you when you do things you don’t want to, and this could lead to a panic attack later. That’s why it is important to say “No” to things that you don’t want to, never mind the consequences. Never do anything that goes against your will or morals.

Go On A Quick Evening Walk

When you go on an evening walk, the body gets a much needed workout, which causes it to release endorphins. Endorphins are called “happy hormones” because they make you happy. This relaxes you and calms you down, giving you a sense of happiness. There is no better way to relax and destress than going for a quick walk or run in the evening, just after work.

Try Ballroom Dancing

Distressing can be a lot of fun – just join ballroom dance classes and have fun taking dance lessons together with your partner after work. Ballroom dancing is an excellent cardiovascular activity; it really gives the body a complete workout and burns 300 to 400 calories. This is a great way to relax, lose weight, get in shape and make new friends – as ballroom dancing is a terrific social activity.

Watch A Late Night Show

When you’re under a lot of stress after a long day at work, watch something fun on TV, something like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. (It’s a pity that the likes of David Letterman and Jon Stewart have retired!) Laughter, never mind the cliché, is indeed the best medicine.

Spend Quality Time With Family and Friends

It’s a pity that because of how busy everyone is, we spend so little time with the people who matter – family and friends. Have a nice conversation on Skype with your parents, siblings, nephews and nieces – this would act as a natural stress buster. Catch up with your best friend from college; engage in a bit of harmless gossip. Just relax, have fun, and forget the worries and anxieties from your day at work.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is perhaps the greatest way to relax after a particularly stressful day. The best part is that it is so easy to learn and practice. You just need a few minutes alone in a quiet spot and focus on something – a spiritual thought or imagery – and close your mind to the rest of the world.

Get Rid Of All Distractions

Turn your mobile phone off. Read a good book instead of spending time on Facebook and Twitter. This is important because people worry  too much about how they appear to their Facebook friends, and keep up a pretence of being super happy and super successful all the time. This only leads to more stress, and possibly even depression.