Foot orthotics are devices, insoles or arch-supports that fit into your foot and correct the alignment of your feet, while changing the biomechanics. They are mainly used to heal knee pain. Knee pain is quite common and could be a result of an injury because of a fall or overuse of the knee, or a result of arthritis. The most common symptoms of a knee injury are intense knee pain, swelling and stiffness in the knees. Foot orthotics are a safe and easy way to cure knee pain, or at least to decrease the intensity of the pain to a great extent.

Foot Orthotics is differentiated on the basis of the material they are made of. Soft orthotics are useful if cushioning of the feet is required. Semi-rigid orthotics are more stable and give excellent shock absorption. Rigid orthotics are the most stable of the lot and provide great support.

You may buy foot orthotics directly from a shop or have them customized to fit your feet better. While pre-designed foot orthotics bought directly from a manufacturer takes time to get used to, after a period of constant use you should be able to adjust to them quite well. It may take you at least a couple of weeks before you feel comfortable with your foot orthotics. You should keep in mind that your feet and knees take their own time to adjust to your new foot orthotics. The better designed and manufactured your foot orthotics are, the less time it should take you to adapt to them faster.

How Does It Work?

There are several ways to heal knee pain using Foot Orthotics.

  1. Foot orthotics change how force is distributed from the foot to the ankle, which chances how forces is distributed through to the knees.
  2. Foot orthotics cushion the foot and the ankle, which reduces the force applied from the feet to the ankle, which helps to reduce the force applied on the knee.
  3. Foot orthotics change the alignment of the foot and the ankle, which changes the alignment from the foot through to the knee.
  4. Foot orthotics are particularly useful for reducing the rolling in of the feet, which causes severe pain in the knees known as the iliotibial band syndrome. This pain is called patellofemoral pain and is quite severe on the knees. The rolling in is called overpronation of the feet, which can be reduced to a great extent through the use of orthotics.
  5. Foot Orthotics reduce the stress on your feet and ankles when you move. This is because they are made of shock-absorbing material that reduce the pain from the feet through to the knee.
  6. Foot orthotics control the motion of your feet, helping to reduce it considerably. This means that there is less wear and tear on the joints, which reduces knee pain by a great extent.

What Are The Drawbacks?

Foot orthotics are not always perfect, and they do have certain drawbacks. First, they can be quite uncomfortable at the beginning, when you first wear them, and they are quite a pain for the first few days, till you get used to them. Also, they do not fit perfectly into all sorts of shoes. Add to that, they are not easily affordable. There are many who have felt that using foot orthotics made by certain material cause skin irritation.

There are other disadvantaged associated with foot orthotics made of soft material – they wear out within months of buying them. Rigid orthotics can be highly uncomfortable for some users. But regardless, the advantages of using foot orthotics by far outweigh the negatives. Foot orthotics are simply the easiest and simplest ways to cure knee pain, and they actually work.


Knee pain can be excruciating hurtful. Foot orthotics are excellent tools that help in alleviating knee pain by a great extent. You should definitely use foot orthotics to help you with the treatment of your knee pain. But always be sure to consult a chiropractor about the make and brand of the foot orthotics that suit you best, before making your purchase.