After neck pain and back pain, the most common cases dealt with by chiropractors are headaches and migraines. Headaches may be caused by several reasons, but it is found that most headaches are caused because of mechanical problems in the neck.

The most common reason behind headaches is stress. The stress, strain and pressure from work or dread of an approaching project deadline, job interview or exam takes a great toll on people, leading to tightness in neck and upper back muscles. Irregular sleep, sinus infection and trauma are other causes of what is known as “tension” headache.

A headache causes pain in the frontal, back, top or sides of the head, in the upper neck and in the sinus region. Pain because of a headache could be a constant pain, ache or a harsh throbbing sensation.

The severest forms of headaches – such as migraines – are caused because of vascular problems. Migraine is particularly harsh to deal with and can be quite debilitating to those who suffer from it. Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of migraine, which can be unbearable if not treated quickly.

How Do Chiropractors Help In The Healing Of Severe Headache And Migraine?

Chiropractic treatment for headache involves:

Soft tissue therapy: Soft tissue therapy involves a deep muscle massage that relieves pain, strain, tension and stress. Usually this is done before Chiropractic Adjustments to help the patient suffering from the headache or migraine to relax. Here, the chiropractor applies a warm, soothing cream to upper back and neck muscles, and applies pressure with his hands and fingers, in a sliding or cross wise direction. The key here is to enable trigger point stimulation and myofascial release.

Adjustments: Chiropropractic Adjustments are procedures in which a chiropractor applies a controlled and sudden force to a spinal joint using his hands or an instrument. The idea here is to manipulate the spine, correct the structural alignment and repair the body’s physique.

Posture correction exercises: The Chiropractor suggests excellent posture correction exercises so that they may be carried out by the patient after treatment hours, and even after treatment. Regular practice of these exercises corrects the posture, strengthens the spinal cord, which helps to give relief to the headache and migraine and prevents them from happening so frequently in the future.

Advice on Job Modifications: The Chiropractor identifies the activities at work and home that causes the headache to occur and advises on certain modifications in these activities, to prevent headaches and migraines from occurring in the future.

Coordination with other medical fields: If the chiropractor feels that the patient requires more than just chiropractic, he coordinates with experts from other medical fields, so that the patient may be given the right medication, injection therapy and so on.

How Does Chiropractic Care For Headache And Migraine Work?

The very first thing that a chiropractor does is to find out everything he can about the patient’s headache – when did it start, how did it first happen. It is very important to know the actual causes of the headache or migraine – whether it’s because of an activity or because of an injury sustained in an accident.

If the headache is because of the activities at work or home, the chiropractor suggests posture correcting exercises, modifies the workplace and offers advice on performing these activities without it causing a headache.

Then the treatment begins with soft tissue therapy and chiropractic adjustments which have been discussed above. The patient’s condition is tracked continuously, a constant feedback is asked for about how the patient feels after receiving the treatment, so that suitable adjustments can be made.

Chiropractic care works by correcting the mechanical dysfunction of the vertebrae of the neck and improving the alignment of the bones in the neck. This helps a great deal in relieving the pressure and irritation which causes headaches. These misalignments and dysfunction in the bone structure could be a result of an accident and injury, causing throbbing headaches and migraines, and can be corrected by a chiropractor.

In most patients, stress, strain and tension are the biggest causes of headaches and migraines – which is corrected by chiropractic. Your Chiropractor corrects misalignment caused because of several hours spent bent down on a laptop each day, resulting in a poor posture and stress, by applying a sudden, and yet controlled pressure on the affected muscles.

If the pain is really quite serious, a chiropractor does not hesitate to take the help of experts from other medical fields to arrive at a solution for your headache or migraine.