It is not uncommon for women to suffer from lower back pain during pregnancy. In fact, over 50% of women suffer from lower back pain while being pregnant. And in 1 out of 10 cases, the pain becomes so intense that it becomes difficult to carry out even the most basic daily activities.

But with appropriate treatment, such as Chiropractic therapy, it is certainly possible to alleviate lower back pain during pregnancy and reduce the chances of the pain recurring after the delivery of the child. In this article, we discuss more about lower back pain during pregnancy and tell how Chiropractic treatment is the right solution for that.

What Causes Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy?

The following factors increase the risk of developing lower back pain during pregnancy:

  • A physically demanding job. Working too hard. 
  • Doing a lot of lifting and bending, especially when taking care of a child.
  • Being prone to lower back pain in the past.

These factors cause a malfunction in the sacroiliac joint, which is quite painful. The good news is, with Chiropractic care, this condition can be treated and following the delivery of the child, a lot of the pain simply goes away.

How Chiropractic Therapy Can Help Provide Pain Relief:

The basic purpose of chiropractic treatment is to correct the misalignment of the spine because chiropractors believe that to be the cause of a majority of health problems. For pregnant women suffering from lower back pain, chiropractors would work at restoring or enhancing the joint function, with two basic goals in mind:

  • Reducing the inflammation of the joints
  • Providing maximum pain relief

Chiropractors use two main techniques to help relieve the lower back pain, one that requires some force – Spinal Manipulation, referred to as High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Thrust and another that is relatively gentle – Spinal Mobilization, which is a Low-Force or Gentle Chiropractic Technique.

During Spinal Manipulation, the chiropractor applies a sudden controlled force using his hands and a sudden “pop” can be heard. This provides instant relief. And during Spinal Mobilization, the approach used by the chiropractor is quite gentle, as it does not involve any twisting of the body or application of any great force.

Both techniques relate to the adjustment of the spine and you may have to visit the chiropractor 5 to 10 times during the course of the treatment. These techniques also involve the manipulation and adjustment of the pelvis and are known to provide great relief.

In fact, 91% of the women who have undergone chiropractic treatment for pain relief from lower back pain during pregnancy have acknowledged a great improvement in their condition.

Besides this, the chiropractor walks you through an easy exercise routine which would involve plenty of stretching. He is also likely to provide you with a pelvic belt to wear during the pregnancy.

What you can expect after the Chiropractic Treatment?

You may experience a gradual pain relief in the lower back during the course of the chiropractic treatment during the pregnancy itself. The delivery, too is likely to go smoothly and be relatively painless. Six weeks after the delivery of the child, the lower back pain, whatever is left of it, simply vanishes.